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About the College

Nazareth Evangelical College trains leaders, men and women, to follow Christ faithfully and to be equipped and qualified for serving the church in the Holy Land enabling it to have a powerful influence on society according to God’s purposes.

Our college applies the following means to train church leaders:

  • Maintaining excellent academic Christian training
  • Teaching leaders biblical knowledge that could be delivered to the church by preaching and teaching
  • Equipping leaders with pastoral skills
  • Enhancing leaders’ commitment to Christ and towards spiritual maturity
  • Deepening leaders’ understanding the social, cultural and religious fabric in the Holy Land
  • Motivating leaders to Christian witness and reaching out with the love of Christ to society
  • Encouraging leaders to work on the unity of the body of Christ
  • Widening the horizons of leaders so that they can evaluate doctrines, experiences and life philosophies correctly
  • The college is interested to widen its sphere of influence as much as possible. Thus the college seeks to have an influence on particularly Evangelical Arabs in the Holy Land, then Christian Arabs in general, then Jewish Christians, and eventually the college tries to have an influence on Christians worldwide.

Since Nazareth Evangelical College is a merge of two local colleges, thus the college is unique in that it combines local potentials and resources. Thus it’s the main institution for training church leaders and servants. Moreover, the college is unique in its openness and in being balanced in all its aspects of work; it has a unique social fabric which gives it a great opportunity to present a unique ministry to the local church and worldwide; men and women serve together at our college, teachers who have various expertise and who belong to several theological backgrounds.

Nazareth, where Jesus was raised, is a strategic location of the college. The college contributes to the evangelistic efforts and helps planting churches. Finally, the college presents a living example of unity and serious joint work, to all other ministries in our country.