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As a local theological college we would like to help facilitate your discovery and understanding of this complex land, so filled with pain and promise, conflict and reconciliation. We currently have three options available—each adaptable to your specific needs—with more ideas in the pipeline.

1. Lecture course: “Faith in Context”

As Palestinian-Israeli evangelical Christians we are a unique community living in a unique context and we want to share our story and our setting with you. We offer a series of modules dealing with various aspects of life in the land, as seen from an evangelical Palestinian Israeli perspective. These modules can be

  • combined into a two-day intensive course
  • extended over a longer period of time
  • selectively visited at a time if your choosing
  • integrated into our Holy Land tour in order to provide you with

These lectures can be combined with a meal for more informal discussion.

See“Faith in Context” for more information.

2. Tour: The Land of the Bible

We have teamed up with Amer Abu Nikola, a local evangelical Arab Christian and professional licensed tour guide, to offer you the opportunity to discover the Biblical history  of the land. The package can include transport from and to the airport.

See “Land of the Bible” for more information.

3. Lectures and tour: Ancient and Contemporary Contexts

You can get a fuller picture by integrating our tour of the land with our lectures. There are various options for doing this.

See “Ancient and Contemporary Contexts” for more information.

If you have any queries or requests please contact the course director Dr Philip Sumpter at philip@nazcol.org or call us on 04-6464898.