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Faculty and Staff

Hanna Katanacho

Rev. Prof. Yohanna Katanacho

Position:  Academic Dean & Lecturer

Education: PhD (2007), MDiv (1999), MA (1996), BS (1992)

Nabil Samara

Rev. Dr. Nabil Samara

Position: Director of Business Administration & Lecturer

Education: DMin (2007), MDiv (2003), BA (1996)

Azar Ajaj

Rev. Azar Ajaj

Position: Director of Public Relations & Lecturer

Education: PhD candidate, MTh, BA

Pierre Tannous

Pierre Tannous

Position: Dean of Students & Lecturer

Education: MDiv (2007), BS (1999)

Dr. Philip Sumpter

Position: Director of International Study Program

Education: PhD (2011), MA (2004), BA (2002).

Rev. Andrew Abu Ghazaleh

Position: Lecturer

Education: MA, BA

Rula Mansour

Rula Mansour

Position: Lecturer

Education: PhD Candidate, MA (2009), BA (1996)

Maye Ashkar

Maye Ashkar

Position: Librarian

Education: Certificate in Library Services

Alice Khoury

Alice Khoury

Position: Registrar

Education: BA (2016)


Visiting Lecturers


Jack Sara

Rev. Dr. Jack Sara

Position: Part-Time Lecturer

Education: DMin, MDiv, BA

Munther Issac

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac

Position: Part-Time Lecturer

Education: PhD (2014), MDiv (2005), BS (2002)

Salim Mounayer

Dr. Salim J. Munayer 

Position: Part-Time Lecturer

Education: PhD (2000), MA (1984), BA (1979)