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Lectures: Faith in Context

An Introduction to the World of Evangelical Palestinian Israelis

As Palestinian-Israeli evangelical Christians we are a unique community living in a unique context and we want to share our story and our setting with you.

A unique community

We are local Arabs in a Jewish state, culturally connected with the traditions of the land yet touched by the global evangelical movement. As such we live at the intersection of often conflicting identities: Palestinian roots and a Zionist context, indigenous culture and the challenges of modernity, traditional church heritage and the impulse of the Reformation.

A unique context

Israel-Palestine is a condensed microcosm of the diversity of the region: Politically there are a plethora of conflicting visions and strategies for intractable problems, culturally various versions of East and West meet and often crash, religiously four major religions with their attendant denominations each make their claims upon the land. This diversity poses an opportunity and a challenge and it shapes our daily lives.

A story to share

As theological thinkers who are intimately entwined in this context we want to provide the international church with a local perspective to help deepen understanding and promote sound action.

Our faculty has put together a series of lectures covering key topics of our context as Palestinian-Israeli evangelicals. In addition to this, we are also open to developing new lectures on topics of your choice.

There are various options for attending this course. You can book a full course, make a selection of individual lectures, or integrate this course with a Holy Land tour. Furthermore, you can choose between a long version (each lecture is two hours) or a condensed short version (each lecture is one hour long).

Course Formats

Full course 

To get the fullest picture we encourage you to book an entire course, which consists of nine lectures at either 60 or 120 minutes each (15 minutes for questions; see the list below). There are two ways you can do the course:


The course can be concluded in either two days with five and then four hours of lectures or in three days of six hours of lecture pure day. In the breaks our catering team can provide local dishes, Palestinian sweets, and Arab coffee—a great occasion for informal dialogue and relationship building.


We can tailor-make a timetable to suit your needs, allowing you to engage in other activities between lecture hours.

Select lectures

Attendees can select the lectures they wish to hear at mutually agreed upon times.

Course and Holy Land tour

For a full interactive experience, there are various options for you to combine these lectures with a tour to the main Biblical sites in the Holy Land. For more on this option, click here.

Further Options


Upon request our catering team can provide freshly made local dishes, Palestinian sweets, and Arab coffee. A delicious meal around a common table provides a great opportunity for informal dialogue and relationship building.


We can use our local network to find affordable accommodation for visitors of our courses.


Although lectures are usually held in the college, upon request we can also come to your hotel.

List of Lectures



Arab Christianity

A brief history and survey of Arab Christianity that shows the diversity of Christian church families.


Christians in Israel/Palestine Today

An introduction to major Palestinian theological movements and tendencies in Israel along with statistics and terminology.


The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

The history of the conflict from a Palestinian Israeli perspective, addressing the major wars and the Palestinian Israeli Christian response to them.


A Theology of the Land

A study of the theology of the land in the Old and New Testaments, with a special reference to the Palestinian–Israeli conflict.


Messianic Jews

A brief introduction to the history and theology of Messianic Judaism by a Messianic Jew, including current challenges faced by the community in Israel today.



An introduction to the history and thought of Judaism, including a consideration of its major turning points and divisions. There will also be a comparison of modern and ancient Judaism.



An introduction to the basic tenets, beliefs, and practices of Islam.


Islam II

An interaction with a Muslim scholar who explains Islam in the world today.


Justice, Peace, and Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine

A presentation of the Biblical principles of reconciliation, peace, and justice and with an application to the current context in Israel-Palestine.


Topic of your choice

Contact us to inquire whether we can lecture on any other topics of interest.

For further information, please contact the director of the program Dr. Philip Sumpter at philip@nazcol.org or call us on 04-6464898.