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Introduction to Judaism – Third and Fourth Lectures

The third and fourth lectures about Jewish religion were held at Nazareth Evangelical College at 15.12.2016 and 19.1.2017. In The third lecture Rabbi Or Zohar spoke about Jewish Holidays; the story, history and meanings of each holiday. In the fourth lecture Rabbi Or surveyed briefly the religious Jewish sects, in the beginning he mentioned ancient groups that are found in the Bible such as the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Then he spoke about groups that are found in our modern day: the Orthodox Jews, who are very conservative in their attire and traditions, the Reformed Jews who try to adjust to the needs of modernity and they are majority in the US, the Conservatives who are some in the middle between the Orthodox and the Reformed, the Religious Zionism who see the establishment of the state of Israel as one of the signs to the Messiah’s coming, and there is a large group of traditional Jews.

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